CTL Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator is used in the re-use of powdered iron removal mitochondria, etc., magnetic separator is widely used in other workshops recycling, timber, mining, ceramics, chemical, food, etc., for the magnetic particle size less than 3mm wet magnetic separation of iron ore, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials, but also for the job in addition to iron coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials, is the industry's most widely used, highly versatile one aircraft.

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Magnetic particles in a magnetic field magnetic separator, except by the magnetic force, but also by the role of competitiveness. Competitiveness can be defined as the direction opposite to the magnetic force of all mechanical forces, including gravity, centrifugal force, inertial force and the hydrodynamic resistance and the like. In the magnetic separation process, the magnetic force of the magnetic particles is a collector, the collector also called magnetic force; competitiveness of the magnetic particles from the magnetic force, also known from the force. Clearly, a necessary condition for the magnetic particles and non-magnetic particles are separated magnetic particles is greater than the magnetic force suffered competitiveness. To make two kinds of different magnetic particle separation, the necessary condition is that the stronger the magnetic particles should be greater than the magnetic force suffered competitiveness suffered weak magnetic magnetic particles should be less than competitive. It should be noted, in practice, there can be magnetic magnetic absolutely pure products and non-magnetic product, in addition to the living body is not dissociated monomers affect the product purity, a number of magnetic particles mixed with the monomer in non-magnetic products, some monomeric non-magnetic particles mixed with magnetic product. In the former case, resulting in the recovery of the magnetic component is decreased, mainly due to the particle size of these magnetic particles is too small, the magnetic force is insufficient to overcome fluid resistance and other competitive; the latter case leads to decreased quality magnetic products, the most likely cause of the particles there is a strong interaction between the force, the finer the particle size, the greater the concentration of slurry, the more obvious the interactions between the particles.

Electromagnetic coil core and magnetic poles make the magnetic separator, magnetic field is generated around it. The magnetic field between the magnetic poles and magnetized mineral particles, assuming magnetism, and produce magnetic; non-magnetic mineral particles only receive weak magnetic force acts visible to the eye, resulting in separation of the magnetic mineral particles and non-magnetic ore particles. Therefore, a better understanding of magnetic materials, including structural magnetic substances, behavior and measure the degree of magnetization in the magnetic field, for understanding the nature of magnetic separation process is essential.


  • 1.CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separators are efficient, reliable and easy for maintenance.
  • 2.They are particularly suitable for primarily separating low-grade ores, improve raw ore grade for feeding mills and lower magnetic separating costs.
  • 3.The magnet system of CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separators is made from rare-earth permanent magnetic material--NdFeB. Their magnetic field intensities can be chosen based on different requirements.

Technical data

Model Roller Size DxL (mm) Speed (r/min) Capacity (T/h) Overall Dimension LxWxd (mm) Power (kw) Weight (t)
CTL-0816 800x1600 0-63 35-55 3053x1295x1671 7.5 2.75
CTL-0818 800x1800 0-63 55-70 3266x1295x1671 11 3.30
CTL-0821 800x2100 0-63 70-85 3936x1295x1671 15 3.90
CTL-0824 800x2400 0-63 85-100 4235x1295x1671 18.5 4.45
CTL-1021 1050x2100 0-50 100-130 4030x1545x2046 18.5 4.80
CTL-1021 1050x2100 0-50 100-130 4150x1545x1850 18.5 4.68
CTL-1224 1200x2400 0-50 115-150 4720x1545x1850 22 5.18
Note: The magnetic strength should be determined in accordance with the nature of the ore. CTL Series Dry separator can be customer-made.

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