JT Sawtooth Wave Jigger

JT Sawtooth Wave Jigger

The Sawtooth Wave Jigger is one of the devices of the modern gravity separation. For its large capacity and a wide range of sorting particle, simple operation and maintenance, Sawtooth Wave Jigger is widely used as a rough election or selection of sorting gold, tin, tungsten, titanium, hematite, coal and other minerals.

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Traditional jigger is mostly the circumference eccentric drive jigger, which is not conducive to the loose of jigger bed and the proportion of stratification of mineral particles, which affects the sorting and recovery equipment. Sawtooth Wave Jigger is energy-saving gravity separation equipment developed and improved according to the law of layer theory of jigger bed stratification, and on the basis of traditional jigger.

Sawtooth wave jigs are a kind of energy-saving gravity equipment development and improved on the basis of traditional jigs according to the theoretic layering law of jig beds. Their jigging pulsation curves take the shape of sawtooth waveform which gets the ascending water to travel more rapidly than the descending water. The ascending time is short while the descending time is long. The problem that the ascending and descending water flow and action time produced by sine wave and pulsation wave are the same is solved. The looseness of the bed is strengthened and suction function is alleviated so that the heavy ore grains in the minerals are able to precipitate fully and the sorting ratio ability and recovery rate of equipment are largely improved. Compared with sine wave jigs through industrial tests, the recovery rate of sawtooth wave jigs are higher than that of sine wave jigs respectively in Sn:3.01%, W:5.5%, Pb:1.63%, and Zn:2.04%. The water consumption is reduced by 30%to 40%. The area of flooring area is reduced by one-third and the stroke can be adjusted. Since electromagnetism governing-speed motors are adopted for dragging to enable the jig frequency to be steplessly regulated and their parameters reached advanced domestic level, such jigs are one of the ideal types of energy saving gravity separation equipment.


  • 1. Large handling capacity;
  • 2. Wide range of selective recovery granularity and high recovery rate;
  • 3. Recovery rate of valuable mineral with medium-fine particle-size increased;
  • 4. Low water consumption and low floor space;
  • 5. Stroke is adjustable;
  • 6. Max handling mineral particle size reaches 60mm.

Technical data

Model JT-0.57 JT1-1 JT2-2 JT3-1 JT4-2 JT5-2
Jigging Chamber Section Form Trapezium Trapezium Rectangle Trapezium Rectangle Trapezium
Length*Width(mm) 450~750×950 450~900×1500 1070×1070 960~2000×1950 1510×1510 1200~2000×3150
Column Number Single Single Single Single Single Single
Jig Chambers(psc) 1 1 2 1 2 2
Single chamber area (㎡) 0.57 1 1.14 3.3 2.43 2.12(single chamber) 2.77(double  chamber)
Total area(㎡) 0.57 1 2.28 3.3 4.86 5
Stroke Coefficient 0.57 0.64 0.45 1 0.58(single power) 0.45(dual power) 0.58(single power) 0.45(dual power)
Max feed size(mm) 6 5 10 <20 8, plus sieve automatic discharge <60 8, plus sieve automatic discharge <60
Capacity(t/h) 1~2.5 2~3 4~8 10~15 12~16 10~20
Water Consumption(m³/h) 1~2 2~3 2~4 3~6 4~8 5~10
Separator Stroke(mm) 12,17,21 12,17,21 12,17,21 10~47 adjustable 10~30 15,20,25
Jig frequency(min-1) 60~156 adjustable 60~156 adjustable 60~156 adjustable 80~100 adjustable 80~120 adjustable 80~120 adjustable
Motor Model YCT 132-4B YCT 100L-6 YCT32-4 YCT-4B YCT 160-4B YCT 200-4A
Power (kw) 1.5 2.2 3 5.5 5.5 (dual power) 7.5 (single power) 5.5 (dual power) 7.5 (single power)
Overall Dimension(Length*Width*Height)mm 1530×780×1550 2060×1112×1890 2870×1520×1880 2662×2000×3030 4240×1990×2750 3940×2006×2580
Weight(kg) 612 989 1637 3260 3500 3854
Notes: The above data is only for your reference, capacity and hutch water varying from ore granularity, ore property and operating condition. 

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